Small Town Heroes

Austin, Texas


Pop Punk, Pop, Alternative


Dixon Herzog, Patrick Weir, Candin Muniz, Logan Young, Jason Tucker




  • 62.1%
  • 84.6%

Band Description

Small Town Heroes is an alternative pop/punk band originating from Bastrop County in the Austin, Texas area where “live” music rules and every genre of music can be heard from most every street corner.
Musical influences for these 2nd and 3rd generation teen musicians range from All Time Low and Blink 182 to the Beatles and classic rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their varied musical preference has inspired a pop/punk sound that is fresh and fun with a classic storyline lyrical approach with just enough of an edge to kick it out of the ordinary.
Small Town Heroes is the brainchild of talented songwriter and guitarist, Patrick Weir and was formed in 2011 with lead vocalist and songwriter, Dixon Herzog. Practices were held primarily in a shed (not a garage) behind Patrick’s house and they worked with various musicians looking for what could help them best showcase their songs. In January of 2012, they added drummer, Jason Tucker and an additional rhythm and lead guitarist, Candin Muniz, in March. To round out the ensemble and add to the low end, Logan Young joined as bass player in April, 2012.
Small Town Heroes started out playing acoustic home shows and local Farmer’s Markets before expanding to electric sets for talent shows and city events to market their unique style and sound. Their first major electric show as a 5 piece band took place at the Battle of the Bands in Elgin, TX, in April of 2012 where they took 1st place earning them regional recognition and a strong following. Since then, Small Town Heroes has a second Battle of the Bands win and have played large regional events such as The Elgin Music Festival and Elgin’s famous Hogeye Festival which draw crowds from all over central Texas.

September 2012 marked the release of their first EP “Big City Lights", which contained 6 tracks, including a special acoustical rendition of their song "Seventeen". Since the eps release, the songs in total have achieved over 4100 plays and over 240 downloads on the website "Soundcloud" alone. This ep helped reach more fans and musicians, which eventually brought Small Town Heroes to the attention of the San Antonio music scene. Since branching out, STH has played venues including the 1011 and The White Rabbit, sharing the stage with bands like Set It Off, Handguns, I Fight Dragons, and Mc Lars.


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