Ryan Cassata


San Francisco, CA


Acoustic, Singer Songwriter, Folk


Ryan Cassata ... and Kenny Truhn (when we need drums)




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Band Description

"Ryan Cassata...is a seasoned performer who has toured the country, appeared on television, written for film, and has done dozens of other amazing things as an advocate of equal rights who speaks publicly (and courageously) about transgender issues. When Ryan belts out a song, every note is infused with bravery and conviction." - LI Pulse Magazine, June 2nd, 2011

RYAN CASSATA is a transgender singer-songwriter & motivational speaker who – all by the young age of 21 – successfully cut 8 records, toured the States nationally, performed at some of the world's biggest Pride Festivals, won Bay Shore High School's first-ever Harvey Milk Memorial Award, became the youngest keynote speaker for the largest transgender conference in existence, appeared on TV several times, and starred in internationally screening documentary "Songs For Alexis."

The Long Island-native who is now based in San Francisco, can play many instruments but is most frequently seen performing with just a vocal mic, a harmonica slung around his neck and his beloved Ovation guitar. Even as a one man show, Cassata never leaves an audience bored.

At age 14, Ryan began to gig across Long Island. Now only six years later he has made over 400 appearances, consisting of tour dates from coast to coast including a date on the legendary Van’s Warped Tour. Cassata performed at the world’s biggest pride music festivals opening for artists such as Karmin, Salt N Pepa, Frenchie Davis, Chris Crocker, Tom Goss, Alex Newell & more. Cassata has also performed on shows with The Click Five, Austin Gibbs, Jeff LeBlanc, Madina Lake, Kevin Seconds, Allison Weiss, Ace Enders & more.

Ryan Cassata is the star of the world famous indie-documentary "Songs For Alexis." Songs For Alexis is the coming-of-age love story that showcases Ryan's struggles as a transgender folk-singer in love, while he travels the country fighting for for the girl of his dreams. Songs For Alexis premiered at Toronto's Hot Docs (2014) to a sold out audience, and has since been featured in Finland and San Francisco's Frameline. Cassata's name has been making rounds at film festivals worldwide since 2010 as he composed the soundtrack for award-winning indie film "Loop Planes." This short-film has screened in the South By Southwest Film & Music Festival (2010), the Tribeca Film Festival. (2010), the International Israel Women’s Film Festival (with The Runaways) (2010) and over 40 other festivals.

Ryan Cassata appeared on The Larry King Live Show (2009), the Tyra Banks Show (2010), and ABC TV series “Head First” (2013) to speak about being transgender. Aside from being a musician Cassata is a strong advocate for the Transgender community. He travels the States speaking at Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Conferences sharing his story with a mission to stop ignorance and bring peace to the world. Ryan Cassata became the youngest keynote speaker at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference in 2012. Cassata appeared in Go Magazine (2008), Closer Magazine (2011), and Pulse Magazine (2012), The Boston Globe (2013), Long Island Press (2014) for his hard work and advocacy. Upon graduating high school in 2011, Ryan Cassata won the first ever Harvey Milk Memorial Award for the path of equality he created within his high school and community.

Ryan Cassata writes very passionate lyrics. His words are positive and inspirational to every generation. Cassata hopes to continue living the dream of spreading this positivity across the country and around the world with efforts to make people smile and catch on to kindness.

Ryan Cassata is doing much more than the average young folk-singer. He demands peace, he demands love, and…he demands REVOLUTION.
"One people, one nation, one world with only room for love."

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Ryan Cassata
1728 Ocean Ave. #273
San Francisco, CA 94112

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