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Holly Ann: Ld Vocals , Don Lyte: Rhy Gtr , James Hand: Bass, Rob 3 "FLEXxX" Howard: Ld Gtr




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Band Description

The D-1 "Code White" Blues Band Includes: Holly Ann (Lead Vocals) Don Lyte (Rhythm Guitar) James Hand (Bass Duties), & Rob Howard (Lead Guitar).

D-1 is based out of Central Ontario, Canada (1.5 hrs East of Toronto) and combine numerous music styles and influences with heavy guitar riffs, pushing the musical boundaries of Country/Hard Rock/ Hard Blues/Metal further with their own eccentric approach.

D-1 Band has been releasing their latest material to download for FREE through their artist profiles on REVERBNATION for over the past year to an ever increasing fan base.

In the meantime D-1 Band are currently in competition for an Opportunity (via an Online Contest) for a Performance Slot on the Main Stage of the 2013 Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival at the world re-known Madison Square Garden, in front of thousands of fans alongside main stage headliners. In addition to this they would receive an Ernie Ball String Package & Endorsement, and an Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar Endorsement.

Only the Top 100 overall rated artists will be eligible to be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals and as of January 20th, 2013 Rob & D-1 were sitting at the #341 position with the hopes of continued support from their fans locally and worldwide. You can vote for Rob E FLEXxX & The D-1 Band @:


D-1 recently climbed to #2 position on the local charts for Rock Music for Peterborough & the Kawartha's, and has managed to reach #126 in the National Charts for Rock Music in Canada. (as of Feb 8th, 2013) on Reverbnation.

Rob states on the most recent success of the D-1 Project:

“I feel that we're trying to do something a little bit different, maybe even considered warped by some (Laughs), while staying to true to our Country/Hard Rock/Metal and even Hard Blues roots, if you'd like."

"We have been connecting with a lot of new fans the past couple of months, especially since entering the Crossroads Contest, and we always to try to personally thank and write each one of them back for their support."

You can get D-1's: latest FREE downloads, NEWS updates, and tour dates from their ReverbNation websites @:

* http://www.reverbnation.com/d33one *

To Vote for Holly Ann & The D-1 Code White Blues Band:


"Wow, good band. I like some of the heavy influences (Slipknot, perhaps?). Your drummer is very solid… Very impressive musicianship and arrangement skills… Good work. Best wishes, Jim." - Jim Vallance (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Alice Cooper and Bryan Adams)
- Jim Vallance, Personal E-mail (Apr 07, 2010)


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