Garden City, KS


Hip Hop, Indie, Rap


Nicholas Grooms / DJ Travis Read




  • 89.1%

Band Description

For fans of: Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, Gym Class Heroes.

Indie hip-hop for the heart and soul. Im just a big dude in dickies and a 59-50...I like comics, action figures, punk rock music and speaking from the that's exactly what my songs are about.

Please help me reach my dream of playing the warped tour! Ive been working for years to achieve this goal! Vote! Comment! Retweet!

Ive done everything but corner Kevin Lyman in the grocery store (and I would if I knew where he shopped) to show the judges and all of you Warped Tour fans that I deserve a 30 minute set on the ernie ball stage! Tell them in the comments below why you want to see me!

My album drops in august! Featuring an appearance from Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) Be sure to add me on facebook or twitter and keep in touch with me!

I couldn't do this without all of the love and support of you guys who have voted and commented! My love to everyone!

ALSO I interact with most everyone on a personal level, you can add my artist page or add my personal facebook

"Kevin Lyman, give me one shot, 30 minute time slot, give it all I got..."


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