Denton, TX


Metal, Rock


(from left to right) Reilly Hoff : Guitar | Megan Lackey : Bass/Vox | Travis Barton : Vox | Rusty Jordan : Guitar/Vox | Al Bagley : Drums




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Band Description

A progressive metal band fighting to stay afloat and in the ears of the ever evolving music scene for 5 years; I am Man, I am Monster will be releasing their very first self-titled E.P. in the early summer of 2013. With a few drummer changes and a name change as they transformed from Kill for the Kingdom to the relentless I am Man, I am Monster; this band is not new to the trials and problems of the struggling music scene in today's generation. So with the idea of being accepted and yet distinct in their own manner, IAMIAM has set the bar of the typical "heavy metal" band of today. Focusing on driving rhythms, progressive and catchy yet complex leads and melodies, delicate and guttural vocals while still being their own entity in the whole scheme of things; you will have a hard time defining them to one single genre.

With a great member line-up consisting of guitarists Reilly "Leggz" Hoff and Rusty "FunSize" Jordan who formed the band back in April of 2008, lead vocals Travis Barton, bass and backing vocals Megan Lackey and the newest member of the family Al Bagley on drums. Every member having their own history of influence and inspiration brings a difficult yet beautiful writing process. And with every song having it's own feel you can tell the emotion that each song puts out. "We have found that if [while writing] we laugh at a section or riff then we are on the right path", the band explains. So although it can be fun and games, this couldn't be any more than a business and IAMIAM takes it very seriously.

I am Man, I am Monster will have an article released in the local webzine DFW Undercover (, which will be premiered on May 1st. A brief history of the band along with some action live photos will be available for viewing along with an interview. After the release of the IAMIAM E.P. they will be hitting the road this summer and will continue to progress their career in the metal genre. So keep your ears open, help them play Warped Tour 2013 and be on the lookout for the band that plans on expanding the genre of heavy metal. I am Man, I am Monster!


"Flesh Hounds" & "Skulls For Trophies" (live at Abbey Underground)


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