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Karl Maria Kinsky Junior 1




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Band Description

as a little boy Karl traveles around the world together with his mother, who is a missionary at the time and his sister who also shares the grief of never staying much longer than a year in the same country.

Karl adapts to the rhythm which turns him into an outsider at every school he visits in his childhood. Every now and again he falls victim to classmates who beat him up and mob him. Karl becomes a natural clown and seeks the center of attention which only socially outmaneuvers him completely.

At the age of 13 Karl quits school and first works as a legal assistant and later in numerous other jobs. At this point in time he first begins to phrase his experienes, writing poems and lyrics. He is going to accentuate his thoughts playing the piano and the guitar later in his career.

His naive approach to the world and to the people that surroud him is going to lead to a bucketful of debts and costs him a lot of strength having to learn how to get back up again after being beaten down by life plenty of times. At the same time it leaves him comfortably circumstanced with unforgettable impressions which he formulates into songs in his own impressive way.

Today Karl still writes songs about life and such, analysing his surroundings and listening closely when others hurt, laugh or fear. He has sophisticated his writing style and refined his composing skills.

The musician Karl Maria Kinsky Junior is a prodigy in telling a situation with words and illustrating them with music and that is what makes visiting one of his shows such a great experience for everyone.


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