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Saint Louis, MO


Pop Punk, Rock, Indie


Tom Watkins - Guitar/Vox Matt Moore - Bass/Vox Nick Dawes - Guitar/Awesome Keith Bowman - Drums/Sexyness Ryan Martin- Guitar/Vox




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Band Description

Composed of 5 members, Aaah!RealMonsters, formed in November of 2010, in St. Louis, MO. Tom Watkins (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Keith Bowman (Drummer) claim their hometown as St. Louis, MO as they spent some time jamming together in the fall of 2010. Tom teamed up with Nick Dawes (Lead Guitarist; Nobellsville, IN) from their previous band, Centerpointe, to form A.R.M. They then found Matt Moore (Vocalist/Bassist; Colorado Springs, CO), at a kegger on California St, in November 2011, to form the 4 piece band. After a year and a half of playing shows and recording, they finished their first 10 song album, Relocate, and now have it available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Amazon mp3, etc. Their single, You’ll Get What’s Coming, has been taking some recognition but has not overshadowed some of the crowd favorites like: Trademark, Seconds Away, and The Hoppah.

In this time they built a strong following in the St. Louis area and decided to venture out west in August of 2012. They made a stop in Lincoln, NE and would then be a part of the Mountain Shadows benefit concert in Colorado Springs, CO. Here, they played for 700 people who were in attendance to support the families affected in the Waldo Canyon Fire. Following the show, they decided to add a new member, Ryan Martin (Vocalist/Guitarist; Colorado Springs, CO). In their year and a half of operation, they participated in a Johnny Venus (Drummer for Greekfire) benefit concert and recorded a track for a compilation album titled, Sound of Strength. The album was sponsored by the non-profit organization, Rape Is Never Justified, which is liked by over 240k on Facebook. They are now currently promoting their album and are expecting to do a Western U.S. tour in the summer of 2013.

On September 15, 2012, Aaah!RealMonsters, became a member of Here to Ear Music, which is a record label created by Frank Moore back in the late 1980’s. They are keeping their first album listed as independent, but are currently working on their new album and will begin recording in January of 2013. They expect this album to be their best, so far, and intend to put, Here to Ear, on the map.


You'll Get What's Coming


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