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Richard Michael, Darren Grovatt, Anthony Danna




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Band Description

Alt Rock Band Original.
The band, Our Last Story, originally started out in 2009 as a studio project between Darren Grovatt, a very talented, soft-spoken, singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist and Richard Michael, a brash, abrasive, die-hard rock & roll tattooed musician, producer, and certified “mad man”.

Darren had been playing the Orlando circuit for several years at venues large and small such as “The Social” and venues that other acts such as Creed, Papa Roach, Shinedown, and countless other big name bands were known to frequent. Darren’s former band, Vance Blackwater, did gain some serious major label attention when they opened up for Cheap Trick, but as fate would have it, Vance Blackwater did not pan out. Frustrated, Darren began playing solo, unplugged versions of his extensive catalog of original songs in various café/coffee house-type settings.

By a chance encounter, he ran into Richard Michael who was also fed up with playing endless bars and feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Richard is beyond a fan of music and has been influenced by a variety of artists from Prince to Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue, and Jane’s Addiction. Darren and Richard are perhaps best described as polar opposites. Against the odds they became fast friends working together in Michael’s home studio on what would become Our Last Story and realized that the marriage of their unlikely personalities was yielding a chemistry and rock music that was simply fantastic and very original. Thus, they hate to try and classify themselves. That is for the fans to decide.

Enter Anthony Danna, puzzle piece 3; an GIT grad who they believe had a guitar in utero! To try and describe Anthony’s guitar talent, writing skills, and boundless energy would take 4 more pages. He is beyond amazing. He is influenced by Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, and George Lynch just to name a few. Simply listen to the music and you will know everything you need to know. With Anthony in place it was then time to “ice this cake”.

This brings us to the final puzzle piece, Santo Puleo. He was their missing link and another amazing talent who could also take up 4 pages himself. He is one bad ass drummer and guitarist who also happens to write music. Santo spent many years playing drums in various bands in the New York City circuit. He has the energy of Tommy Lee and the technical precision of Neil Peart. He has truly completed this band. Now they feel self-actualized as four very talented musicians of one mind set working very hard towards a singular goal; to write, record, and perform original and outstanding rock music that is not formula, cookie-cutter, in-the-box garbage. For them, it is all about the music, not the fame and fortune.

Bassist, producer, and band manager Richard Michael via many years of endless social networking has been able to get the band’s music heard by some very helpful “big names” including Nikki Sixx who thought they sounded like the Sisters of Mercy and James Michael of Sixx A.M. who has graciously given Richard a lot of production advice. Mr. P.R. Brown, the iconic rock photographer and video producer has dispensed many words of wisdom and finally, Mr. Randy Nicklaus of Motorized Music in LA has also graciously given Richard lots and lots of excellent business and production advice.

Now their goal is simple…..get the music heard around the world. That is their simple “Mission Statement”.

Failure is not an option.

*As of this writing, the band is in the studio finishing up their 2013 EP. NO SURRENDER


Interview With Richard Michael Of Our Last Story


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