Muncie, IN.


Pop, Pop Punk, Rap


Marquiese, BriZana, TannerMan




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Band Description

Hailing from Muncie, IN, this rap trio brings forth a refreshingly energetic sound to music. With no intention of being boxed into one genre, Marquiese and TannerMan have managed to infuse hip hop with both rock n’ roll and pop influences while delivering vicious verses. Bri-Z-ana, the songstress of the three, provides the refreshing vocals, which gives us a pleasant break in the energy the guys effortlessly bring to each track.

Ranging in age from 18-21, this young group of vibrant lyricists has been rocking together since September 2011. They all agree that a new sound is what they desired as neither of them is moved by just one style. “Whenever I see or hear something creative, something people wouldn’t bother to look at, I’m thinking, ‘how can I bring that into my music,’” says Marquiese.

Growing up, Marquiese was drawn to rap early on, admitting that the love he witnessed other rappers receive is what motivated him to pursue it full time. Initially, he started out with another group whom he named D.Y. (abbreviation for Da Yungin’s). Circumstances called for the group to fall apart, resulting in Marquiese doing some soul searching. Wanting to shed the negative image that came with the first group, he linked up with his close friend, Tanner, to begin Loose Screws.

Known for his wild and crazy demeanor, TannerMan is the life of the party. Having grown up listening to a variety of music from The Goo Goo Dolls, Pink, Kid Cudi, Too Short to his favorite, JuicyJ of Three Six Mafia, he knows how to draw in the crowd. “I used to freestyle around all my friends at school and people at college parties and they loved it so that just motivated me to keep giving the people what they wanted,” says Tanner.

Allowing legendary jazz and blues singers like Billie Holiday and Etta James to serve as her inspiration, Bri-Z-ana ushers in a different sound to this group’s varying one. She was introduced to music by her grandfather, who encouraged her to join the choir and compete in talent shows. Tanner, a long time friend, brought her into the group and a bond was formed between the three.

“Music is what I love doing and if I’m not doing it, I’m listening to it. If not that, I’m dreaming about it,” says Tanner. “My mother died in January of this year and though it hurt me, it caused me to push harder. I have three children, six brothers and one sister who I love to death. I hope they all get to watch me make my dreams come true.”

Loose Screws is comprised of three artists who are passionate about what they do, being sure to convey that energy through the music they make. “There’s a lot of family and love behind our music,” beams Marquiese. “We don’t do this for money or fame,” Bri adds. “This music you guys listen to is more than just a hobby for us; it’s our outlet.” Their strong, familial bond is what keeps them together, giving them the chance to share their gift with the world. Be sure to tune in.


Loose Screws - No Tomorrow


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