Morenci, MI.


Hip Hop, Rap, Punk


HiZe (Vocals), 4 I'z (Hypeman), Mike Chalker (Drummer), Waldo (Guitarist)




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Band Description

Born in Wauseon, Ohio, Morenci, Mich., native Cody Hize isn’t your typical rapper. In an industry where “keeping it real” is a way of life, Hize’s reality is so undeniably true that one has no choice but to respect it. He’s the first to tell anyone, “I never sold drugs. I don’t gangbang. I just make music that is real to me, and people can relate to it.”

Priding himself on “bringing Hip-Hop to Morenci,” Hize had his work cut out for him. DJ Phenomenon told Hize he would have to work three times as hard as other rappers because the odds were stacked heavily against him: he lived in a small town where rap was nonexistent, meaning he would have to do a lot of traveling to network with other artists and promoters.

Hize supported many gas stations and made enormous financial sacrifices in support of his dream. He remembers every negative slur (some too vulgar to repeat), every misguided stereotype and every rejection. He embraced it. After all, Hize is the underdog; he’s rapping for the kids whose teachers told them that rap was stupid, for the kids who were made fun of in the hallways, for the aspiring rapper who needs a little push.

Today, attend an event in Morenci and mention Hize’s name and everyone has a positive response. They love him! His biggest marketing tool, coincidentally, is word of mouth. Hize has learned what a lot of artists are still trying to grasp: simply talking to people will get you a long way. He wasn’t afraid to approach anyone, chat them up and hand them his CD.

Hize’s name is definitely becoming known. Other than conquering Morenci, he is a constant in the Toledo Hip-Hop scene, and is expanding his brand all over Ohio. He has recently performed, beed interviewed, and premiered his music video "Escape" on NBC24's "Game Savvy Latenight", graced the cover of Adrian's Daily Telegram, been affiliated with BET's Blaze The Stage, and opened for National Recording Artist Machine Gun Kelly.

Hize describes his music as “versatile and unique.” But after checking his background (enrolled in college; plans for a promotional firm or entertainment marketing business; savvy business mind), you begin to realize that everything about Hize is unique. He stands out because he knows what he wants, and has a plan to get there. That’s why I certainly believe him when he says “you can’t stop at the ceiling; you can’t stop at the sky.”


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