Official Rules

For Artists

Battle Of The Bands is 100% free to enter! Click Sign Up in the menu bar, create your account, and be eligible to win amazing prizes and chances to play live in front of thousands of people!

To enter Battle Of The Bands, artists must complete a short informational profile and then upload a band logo, official band photo, and at least one MP3. Entrants should share there profile, to promote their entry all over the web and drive traffic to their profile.

The Top 100 Buzz Rated artists for each tour stop will be eligible to win a slot to play live. All 100 artists will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals comprised of our partners, Festival & Tour Organizers and Ernie Ball Inc. Chosen artists will be selected to play live at that particular venue.

Buzz Rating Explained

Buzz Rating is a proprietary system developed by Ernie Ball. Buzz Rating gives you a real time snap shot of each band’s overall exposure level. Taking into account both viral reach and real world factors that produce a rating percentage system giving you an accurate reading on each band’s relevance within the industry.

Buzz Rating also calculates Fan votes as an overall % of each bands rating. Make sure you get your fans voting for you to ensure a higher rating. Fans can vote as much as they want but keep in mind this is only one of the factors that contribute to a high rating.

In order to BOOST your Buzz Rating make sure your profile is complete and you have a valid link to your band’s public Facebook page. Three weeks prior to each venue date our judges will review the music for the top 100 Buzz Rated bands for that particular venue. Each one of those 100 bands will have an equal chance of being selected to play.

Promoting your band on other participant’s comments section is strictly prohibited. You may NOT use the participant’s profiles for promotional purposes.

If this proceeds to happen, you will be banned from making any comments anywhere on the Battle Of The Bands site for the remainder of the contest.

For Fans

Support your favorite bands by voting for them! Click the “Vote for this band” button on their profile page. You can vote as many times as you want but keep kind mind votes alone won’t increase a band’s buzz rating.

You can also support your favourite bands by clicking the share button on their profile pages, which gives you sharing options across many popular social networks. Get the word out and help them play in front of thousands!

Visit often and listen and tag your favourite bands as much as possible. This will increase their overall play count which is another factor in raising a band’s buzz rating.

Follow and Like bands you want to support on twitter and facebook. Help them out by retweeting them and sharing their facebook posts on your own timeline.